Woman + Engineer = ??


This incident took place about 16 years ago.

I arrived for a meeting which included board members from my company as well as members from a large UK Postal company. The meeting was regarding supplying said company with a new innovative braking system which my company had created.

I arrived a little earlier and was looking around said company’s workshop when I became aware of the people I was meeting gathered around a vehicle with our new product fitted. I approached the vehicle and I introduced myself and told them where I was from and the conversation went a little like this;

Me: Hi My name is XXX I am from XXX the company supplying truck braking systems.
Man 1: Are you sure? We are waiting for the engineers from XXX to discuss the braking system, you know, the round discs here (points at the brake discs on vehicle)
Me: Yes that’s me
Man 2: Are you sure?

I would like to make the following points

1. I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering
2. I helped to develop and assemble said products
3. I was Managing Director (and Shareholder) of said Company

I said yes and went directly to the meeting and joined and I must say I savored their embarrassment as they asked me for technical information throughout the presentation.

But even so, #MFIF



One Response to “Woman + Engineer = ??”

  1. Judith Says:

    This has been quite a few years, but I still vividly remember it.

    I transfered to a Jesuit university half-way through my engineering degree. In my first quarter there, I enrolled in a class on Power Engineering. I was the only woman in a class of 30. I soon realized why. The professor spent the entire opening lecture telling us about the “good old days” when he started teaching at the university and women were not admitted. He never looked at me, or acknowledged my presence during the rant. I dropped the class. I guess it was #MFIF.

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