Syringe attack, or your £5/hour?


I was working in an off license (liquor store) in my first year of university by myself when a guy came in with a syringe that he claimed was full of HIV positive blood. I opened the till drawer and walked away from it to give him full access since this is what I had been trained to do.

When the police arrived, they looked at the CCTV footage and commented that a guy would have put up a bit of a fight at least. When I suggested that not many people would for minimum wage if they were working by themselves, I was told that ‘girls shouldn’t be working by themselves at night as it’s not safe’.

I have a black belt in martial arts and could have quite easily taken the guy down, but I didn’t really fancy getting in trouble with the police and my store for not following their procedure of not inflaming the situation since there would only be around £100 in the till anyway. I guess whatever I do, it’s #MFIF

B, London


4 Responses to “Syringe attack, or your £5/hour?”

  1. Claire Says:

    wow.. that’s awful! no one ,no matter what gender, shape or size should put themselves in the way of someone claiming to hold HIV infected blood!!! idiots!!

  2. fis Says:

    I’m a guy (in London). I wouldn’t have put up any kind of fight. That’s awful that the police acted that way.

  3. H Says:

    Was this recently? I know it’s a hassle, but if everyone who experienced this kind of sexism from the police (or doctors, as we’ve been seeing a lot on here) put in a formal complaint we might make people realise that this isn’t ok. It’s easy for me to say, I know. Still, reading this blog makes me feel much more resolved to complain to their bosses if something like this happened to me.

  4. Brian Vonder Says:

    I can’t imagine anyone putting up a fight over that little amount of money. Even with martial arts training he could get a lucky poke with that thing. Or squeeze it to hard and break it open.

    The risk is just way to high, even if he was bluffing.

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