Perk of the job


So my husband and I desided to start our wn business. After doing some research on the internet, since I am better on the computer.
My husband then says to me, “Is it time for my blowjob?”
My response ” No, why?”.
His answer “Isn’t that was secretaries do?”

Thanks hubby.



20 Responses to “Perk of the job”

  1. Phil Says:

    This isn’t sexist.

    He was trying to make a joke. You were doing the work to look things up on the computer while he watched, similar to how a secretary would do for a boss. It was just a comment on a situation.

    At least, this is my interpretation of this one event. If it’s one of a string of remarks then I can see your point. But if that’s true it also begs the question – why are you still with him?

    • Jay Says:

      Trolling again Phil? Don’t you have anything better to do?

    • Sharon Says:

      Ah Phil. Some joke. But we’re nothing but humorless feminists amiright? Why is she still with him? Maybe she can’t afford to leave. Maybe he’s an abusive jerk off who will hurt her if she leaves. But I guess this is her fault too for not seeing what an ass he was before she married him.

      • Phil Says:

        I find it interesting that that is a natural extrapolation that you make from the given information. You know only one thing: he made a joke that wasn’t particularly funny that fell flat (as one poster put it below), and from that you can safely conclude that it’s plausible that he’s an abuser?

        This trivialises the actual cases of abuse experienced by many women in our society.

        And you’re projecting. I didn’t say you were all humourless. I merely commented that perhaps you should chill out a bit and learn that not all things said are meant in spite or with hostile intent. There are so many things in our culture that mock all kinds of stereotypes that I’m sure you don’t think twice about.

        Also, thanks for your constructive comment, Jay. I do actually have plenty of stuff to do, but I do have some free time and I find it interesting to post comments on a comments section. The fact you disagree with it is neither here nor there.

        But thanks for the feedback.

  2. Little Duck Says:

    He’s your husband… I think he’s allowed to make a come-on in the home office! 😉

    • Jessica Says:

      I think it’s less the fact that he came on to her, more the fact that he came on to her by repeating sexist attitudes that lots of women have been faced with in a serious (non-playful, unsafe) context before.

      That’d turn me off, not on! But YMMV.

      • H Says:

        Jessica, I’d add that it’s not only sexist because he made a sexist remark, but also because he assumed a particular power structure in which he was at the top in a business that (I assume) was meant to be between equals. Grrr.

  3. The Heff Says:

    I hope you reported him to HR.

  4. magdalen Says:

    oh come on, that’s hilarious! assuming you and your man have a sense of humour and flirtation?

  5. LS Says:

    Sounded like a joke to me (the kind I would make, and my girlfriend would find funny, no less) but it also sounds like K.D.K. was passing it along as more of a lighthearted MFIF story.

    Then again, I don’t want to put words in the submitter’s mouth, so I won’t.

  6. Megaparsec Says:

    Wow, what’s with all the “Sexist jokes are okay if it’s between husband and wife! 😀 You’re being too sensitive!” attitude here? It”s not okay if one party is enjoying it.

  7. Dude Says:

    Some people are comfortable with sexist jokes among close friends, and some are not. You should clearly communicate to your husband whether or not these sorts of jokes are acceptable. I have some friends that I make sexist jokes with, and some that I don’t, but the point is that you understand who is comfortable with what.
    If you aren’t clear with hubby about what is OK, then he doesn’t know. If you are clear but he doesn’t stop, I suggest not starting a business together.
    Or are you just posting this in good humor? Your passive use of “Thanks Hubby” doesn’t make it clear whether you found his remarks offensive or funny.

    • Evans Says:

      Let’s make it simple for you: sexist “jokes” are not acceptable.

      People who make them are sexist.
      People who find them funny are sexist.
      Only making those “jokes” in certain company still makes you sexist.

      (As a test replace “sexist” with “racist” in the above and tell us if it’s still acceptable.)

      • Dude Says:

        That’s a totally valid POV, but very rigid. Again, I think it’s more important to avoid offending and mistreating people than to try to make your thoughts match their ideologies.
        What am I supposed to do when my friends (female) make sexist jokes? Tell them that it makes me uncomfortable, or that they are sexist?
        Every person has the right to decide what they are comfortable with. Most people that are comfortable with sexist jokes have never been exposed to extreme sexism, so they are able to make light of the situation. I know girls that would have laughed at the above joke (in fact, one of them DID laugh when she read the post).
        I think a large portion of female viewers of this site are sharing stories not just to complain or educate, but also to laugh about it. That’s why posts are ended with a sarcastic ‘MFIF’. When we laugh at the misogynistic behavior of others as a group, it reinforces the idea that we all agree this behavior is extreme and unacceptable.
        So what are the rules? Racist jokes or sexist jokes are completely unacceptable, but perhaps blonde jokes or geek jokes are sort of okay in some situations? What about if the person telling the joke is part of the minority, does that make it okay?
        There’s a huge grey area. Don’t presume to speak for all women when you define what makes a person a sexist.

  8. Werewolf Within Says:

    Sounds to me as if he was trying to make a joke and it fell flat. Sorry dude, not funny.

  9. FCS Says:

    Sometimes, irony (like facetious sexism) can undermine stereotypes by discrediting them (the subtext being, ‘This is what many in our society actually believe, and isn’t it garish and absurd?’). Irony is an important tool for social progress — when used well it can force us to confront our assumptions in otherwise unremarkable moments in our lives. But you have to know your audience!

    • Dude Says:

      This is sort of what I was thinking, if your joke is made towards the wrong audience then you’re doing more to reinforce the stereotypes than to fight them, which is a bad thing. It reminds me of angry white people who think that the only way to have true racial equality is for everyone to freely use the N word as though it were no big deal. What worries me is that this kind of irony is misused too often.
      Take Family Guy for instance. If your IQ is higher than 80, you probably recognize most of the racist and sexist jokes on the show as ironic and understand that Peter Griffin is a terrible person. If you think of Family Guy’s target audience (white male Americans, intelligence not required), you can see that the show probably does more to reinforce their flawed views than it does to correct them.
      I still think that these jokes are best delivered by members of the minority in question, since it helps to make the irony more apparent.

  10. LM Says:

    I think one of the problems is that they are both starting a business together as equals, and calling her a secretary, even in jest, is offensive. It’s likely that the more conservative people they know (and possibly their clients) will make that assumption for real about the home business, so he shouldn’t reinforce that thinking.

    Also, she was working so he should have offered his sexy services to her as well!

  11. Bessie Says:

    I work from home, and my husband works part of the time from home. I have to confess, the sexual harassment is one of the perks! However, being expected to make lunch for him, even on days when I have a deadline and he’s ‘on holiday’, is not.

  12. NatalieF Says:

    No, tht is what female COEs get their male secretaries to do – go down on *them*! ;-p

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