One track mind


I’m a bike commuter. A cyclist.

First, my boyfriend and I go to the shop and asked for a bike fitting. The only female who worked there didn’t know how, but she went to get someone who did…who promptly turned to my boyfriend and asked what he needed. When I got his attention, getting any help from him was like pulling teeth.

I eventually ordered my bike online — a single-speed. Messenger bike style.

When discussing bicycles, I’ve had this conversation with at least five different people (all men!):

Him: Oh, so what kind of bike do you ride?
Me: A single-speed.
Him: Ohh, like a beach cruiser?

My boyfriend, who also rides a single-speed, has never been asked if his was a beach cruiser, but I guess ladies don’t ride messenger bikes.

Eva, Middle of the US

8 Responses to “One track mind”

  1. Abby Says:

    I live in a beach town, so all one speed bikes, male or female are “beach cruisers” I’m not sure I see the insult.

    • A Different Sam Says:

      Considering that the post was signed “Eva, Middle of the US”, it’s fairly clear that Eva does not live in a beach town.

  2. Joan Says:

    Do you mean a fixie? A fixed-gear bike that only lets the wheels turn when you’re actually moving your feet? Those are sweet, so go you!

  3. Susan Says:

    *Everytime* bike shop conversations

    Man walks into bike shop – I’m looking for a X My Budget is X -Sales will then show man products that cost 20% more than his budget

    Woman walks into a bike shop – I’m looking for a X my budget is X – Sales will then show woman products that cost 40% less than her budget.

    luckily i now found a shop that isn’t sexist – so that’s where i overspend my budget

  4. Dude Says:

    This is a really common phenomena. When couples are in public, people (especially men) tend to always address the male instead of the female. Sometimes it’s intentional, but I think it’s usually subconscious. It’s sexist either way.
    I think there is a legitimate name for the phenomena, but my Google-fu fails me at the moment.

    • Jaynie Says:

      Unless you are at school talking about your kids…;-)

    • Derp Says:

      I think sometimes that’s just to avoid what would arise if the male of the couple was a jealous type and didn’t appreciate other men showing her a lot of attention, while “ignoring” him. I realize that sounds tolerant of sexist and possessive attitudes, but those attitudes are out there and sometimes it’s just easier to play it safe.

  5. Eva Says:

    Abby: google image “beach cruiser,” then google image “messenger bike.” I ride the latter, which is considered much more masculine. Too masculine for me!!

    Joan: Hah, no I’m not THAT hardcore :p I still have a freewheel, but I’ve got a flip-flop hub in case I ever wanted to ride fixed.

    Susan: Sounds like the drum shop — they try and get the guys to buy higher end cymbals, they try and get me to buy the lowest end available -_-

    Dude: Yeah. This happens to us everywhere. Mail addressed to us is always him first, even though everything (utilities, insurance etc) is in my name. Apartment shopping, they talk to him, even though I’m the one signing for everything…bikes, drums, snowboards…and so on, etc.

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