MFIF brainwashes young mind


Today I discovered My Fault, I’m Female. I showed it to my mom thinking that we could bond over it. When I showed her she gave me a lecture about how if women weren’t brainwashed into thinking that they should work, then my dad would have a job and she wouldn’t have to work. So basically, the only reason men cannot find jobs according to my mom is because all the evil lesbian women took them. Guess I was brainwashed… #MFIF

The Only Feminist In My House, USA


6 Responses to “MFIF brainwashes young mind”

  1. Brittany-Ann Says:

    Wait, wouldn’t that make her one of those evil brainwashed lesbians, if she’s working?

    Oh the lack of logic. It burns.

  2. Lauren Says:

    Hey, fellow only-sane-woman. I’m just hoping I can save my little sister.

  3. Kerry Says:

    Sounds like my mum! Ughhhh!

  4. D W Says:

    She wouldn’t happen to live in northeastern Pennsylvania, would she?

    Yeah, I know…I was just hoping there could be only one such person (a letter to the editor expressing a sentiment similar to the mother in this post appeared in the Scranton Times several years ago.)

  5. Ayla Says:

    This idea of “making women think they have to work” is such a red herring. Most women DO have to work if they want to be able to feed themselves, have a roof over their head, and take care of children. It is an upper class privilege to think that there is any choice in the matter.

  6. Celia Says:

    Sooo… how many men do you see working part-time to fit in with school hours, doing menial jobs for a pittance?

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