Listen to The King, little lady


My fiance and I went to a fancy men’s shop to get a custom dress shirt for him to wear on our wedding day. My fiance had come up with the idea of possibly wearing a dark purple shirt to go with our wedding colors. We were at the store brainstorming different color combination options when the salesman began going off on how our ideas were all wrong. Then he turned to my fiance and told him that it was His Wedding and he was The King, so he shouldn’t listen to my opinions on the matter. Basically, “you should teach your woman her place.” I guess he thought the purple shirt thing was my idea and that I was forcing it on my secretly unwilling fiance? Well, I guess it’s #MFIF.



8 Responses to “Listen to The King, little lady”

  1. teleen Says:

    I hope that you didn’t buy anything there…

  2. rillion Says:

    Fantasy fiance looks at female, they nod. Fiance turns to salesman and says “Well, you just lost this King and Queen’s business.” They clasp arms, walk out.

  3. ixlikexcerealx3 Says:

    I would of asked to speak to the sales persons manager and would of told them that we were going to spend x amount here and all of our grooms party was going to get their suits,socks,ties,etc from here. and just let them know how much business they were going to be loosing. and walk out.

    its the worse thing to do to insult a customer, let alone his soon to be wife.

  4. Zee Says:

    Everyone knows the wedding is all about the bride anyway. The groom is just a sort of… show piece. =3

  5. Nikki Says:

    I had a similar instance of this when my husband and I were planning our wedding, only reversed.

    Since it was his wedding too, and I value his opinion, we both went to the bridal shop with my bridesmaids to pick out dresses. In the midst of this, we got into a slight argument about different blue hues (I thought his was green, he thought mine was too light) and one of the ladies who worked there interfered to inform my husband that it was my day and I should get what I want with no regard to his thought in the matter.

    Because, apparently, I was just dragging him down the aisle… HFHM, I guess?

  6. A Different Sam Says:

    As an Elvis fan, I think listening to more of The King is an excellent- oh, wait, this is just some stupid Marry Women –> They’re Your Property nonsense.

  7. aetra967 Says:

    My husband and I got the same thing when we were getting his clothes for our wedding and it frustrated the hell out of him. The number of salesmen he went off at. He ended up wearing a black business shirt, $25 2nd hand suit jacket, black jeans and black Converse sneakers and he looked perfect cos he looked like every day him.

    He also got the whole “Go along with whatever the bride says” tripe. We got married at the court house, I really didn’t care. I think of the wedding as a formality and a tiny aspect. The best part is the rest of our lives together after the wedding =)

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