Don’t D[is]S Me


I was in Gamestation and I was looking at Xbox 360 games, looking confused because i couldn’t find the game i was looking for. The male, teenage store assistant came up to me and the following happened.

Him: “Oh, you must be looking for the Nintendo DS games? They’re over here,”

Me: “What?!”

Him: “I thought you must be after nintendo DS games. These are Xbox 360 games.”

Me: “You’d better get away from me before I go postal on you. I know exactly what I’m looking for. I’m looking for Xbox 360 games, and you can blame yourself for the one less sale you’ll be getting you little rat”

The best thing about it is that I’m going to do video game design at university.

But i don’t know about games.




23 Responses to “Don’t D[is]S Me”

  1. JenniferRuth Says:

    I used to work for a small Gamestation back in uni. I experienced quite a few sexist incidents while I worked there. Usually it was just (male) customers ignoring me. They would ask a question about a particular game or console and I would answer it. I would then get this blank stare as if they couldn’t believe the words coming out of my mouth and they would turn to my male co-workers and repeat their question. My word was not to be trusted because MFIF, right?

    The one incident I particularly remember though is the customer who refused to be served by me.
    Him: Are there are any men here?
    Me: No, what can I help you with?
    Him: I’m sorry but I really think I need a male assistant.
    Me: Um, okay, they’re on their lunch but I’m sure whatever it is I can help you.
    Him: No, no, I just wanted an opinion on which of these games were better, I’ll come back later.

    He left. The funny thing was that I owned both of the games he was holding but he just assumed that I wouldn’t know what I was talking about and refused my help because I was a woman!

    I work with the video game industry now (even though I’m female!)

    • Werewolf Within Says:

      Oh ferfuckssake, fella. It’s a GAME, not urology. [goes off to play Fallout 3 again]

      • Zee Says:

        Funny thing is, I probably know more about urology than most guys – after I spent ages researching vasectomy clinics for my SO who was too squeamish to do it himself. 😀

        I’ve worked on and off as a tester for both PC and xbox 360, but there were always a few females around and I know my stuff so no one questioned me as far as my gender went. Good thing I never worked retail though, I probably would have verbally slaughtered someone, lol.

  2. Siobhan Says:

    A similar thing happened to me when I worked in an electronics store a year ago. A guy came in one time asking if the DVD players were multi-region. We only had one multi-region player and there was only a disply version left. When I told the man to wait while I checked out the back for more stock he asked, “Ok, are you going to get a bloke to come and tell me which player is multi-region?”

    Me: “I’ve just told you which ones we have.”

    Him: “Yeah, but I’d like a bloke’s opinion, if you don’t mind.”

    I shouldn’t complain though, after all its MFIF.

  3. Chelsea Says:

    I hate it when men disbelieve you on your opinion with technology just because you’re a woman. Many a time I’ll be explaining something to someone about computers and they’ll say “But my friend (male) says X”. It may not be overt, but it pretty much IS because their friend is male. That makes his opinion more valid.

    Me and my boyfriend are very good with technology, but when our friends get stuck with someone with their computer, they will often ask me to ask him, or ask him directly when I’m more available to help.

    Furthermore on my rant, I hate going on Xbox Live for the reason that I’m a girl. People either ignore me and help out other people, or just verbally abuse me. They also makes jokes about “Show me your tits” or “Get back into the kitchen,” and you literally have no defence. Because there’s a higher ratio of males, they all just gang up and laugh at you.

    • A Different Sam Says:

      The “my friend says X” thing might not always be because you’re female; my boyfriend gets the same thing all the time. People are just naturally inclined to believe people they’re friends with over strangers.

      Of course, some of the people who say that probably are sexist, and the rest of what you described obviously is.

  4. Brittany-Ann Says:

    When I took my laptop to get repaired, the guy completely ignored me standing there, with my laptop, explaining what was wrong with it. He went through all the effort to ignore me, and attempted to talk to my male companion, OVER MY HEAD, who was browsing ALL the way ACROSS the store, to see what was wrong with my laptop.

    And surprise! While they fixed the issue, they screwed my touchpad up.

    • H Says:

      Hi Brittany-Ann, I had a similar experience at a computer repair shop in about November last year. My laptop was going really slowly, basically to the point of not working, so I took it in to see if they could give it a bit of life support. They told me the next day that I pretty much needed a new one, to which I responded ‘if I put Linux on it do you think it would work?’ They talked to me as if I couldn’t possibly know the first thing about different operating systems, concluding that no, my laptop needed scrapping.

      Lies, all lies! I put Linux on it and nine months later it still works like a dream. They tried to con me out of a lot of money because they thought they could get away with it – MFIF, of course.

  5. Tom Says:

    I must say, as someone currently working at Gamestation I’m seriously annoyed and disappointed by this staff member. A first class moron who not only made assumptions about your choice of games, but also about you being too bloody stupid to recognise the difference between BIG GREEN CASES and SMALL CLEAR ONES!

    I can’t say that I don’t know of any sexism in the company, but at least the idiots have the decency to keep it mostly to themselves.

    • Khraden Says:

      I actually agree. There are a lot of spoiled little douches out there now-a-days that really don’t look beyond their own selves. Now, I’m sure there’s going to be some flack with this coming from a guy, but I find it really sad that this generation treats women that way.

      I grew up respecting folks for who they are. I personally would never have asked such a direct question as that, unless it was indicated that you were looking for DS games. A lot of the sexism that is in the world now, is basically a caused bunch of ego bruised limpd@#ks.

      I’m a straight man, married, have two kids, and respect my wife, in fact I don’t think I’d be where I am today if it wasn’t for her. Because of this, I end up feeling guilty, if not extremely disappointed in the way that some women are treated nowadays, and this post seems to really point that out.

  6. annabel Says:

    Brilliant reaction. I’ll remember this incase it ever happens to me, which judging by the comments isn’t all that unlikely

  7. Stephanie Says:

    i don’t understand what his being a teenager had anything to do with the story. not all teenage boys (or teenage girls for that matter) are like that.

    but anyway, i do agree that this happens way too often. i play CoD with the guys and i often get the strange looks when i page through the book of release dates while my ex and i browse at Gamestop and ask questions about how the employees liked a game or what sort of reviews he’d heard on it. i went into a Gamestop once with my mom to pick up a new headset for Xbox Live for my boyfriend for Christmas and the employees were all over us, making sure we “understood” what we were buying.
    i kindly explained that yes, i knew it was a headset for Live, that I was positive it was the one he requested and i’d just like to pay for it, please.

  8. p Says:

    So it’s the kids job to help customers.
    And you get aggressive with him for mistaking your confusion for a different kind of confusion.

    You assume he made this mistake because of his perception of women.
    I see no reason to believe that he wouldn’t make this mistake with men as well.

    I think you overreacted quite a bit.

    • Brie Says:

      Ah, not so. There’s no chance he’d go up to a guy browsing for X-Box games, assuming the stranger he’s had no contact with really wants DS games. What reason did he have to think that was what she needed?

      The DS is cute! And it comes in pink! And she can play Nintendogs! Of course she wanted the DS games. Girls don’t shoot things, silly…

    • JenniferRuth Says:

      You were not there for this incident. The person who left this story was there. I think they have a better understanding of what they experienced than you do. Women are not stupid. We understand when someone is being genuine and when they are being sexist. We have a whole lifetime of experience in it.

  9. Roodle Says:

    Haha, Gamestation is awful. Every time I go in there I get a member of staff coming up to me to ask if I know what I’m looking for within about 10 seconds, then again if I’m still browsing after a few minutes. I thought they did it to everyone at first but then I started noticing that they didn’t go near any of the men that had come in the shop since I’d been there. It’s almost funny now, I look out for it and sure enough it always happens and it’s always just me and the other female customers it happens to. The last time I was in there I was wearing the nerdiest RPG-related T shirt you can possibly imagine, and they still thought I was more likely to be shopping for my boyfriend or someone.

    I’m not even going to go into the verbal questionnaire I had to answer before they’d let me buy MW2.

  10. ixlikexcerealx3 Says:

    my boyfriend used to work for gamestop and i used to hang out in when he worked there, and that is the only one i will go to by myself, because if i go to any other one the people working hawk me, or make snarky remarks. I went into a gamestop about 2 weeks ago looking for a specific game, and the guy greeted me and asked me if i had any questions and i said no and i in response he said “don’t worry you will” if i had not been looking for a specific game for my mother i would of walked out of the store and never gone back.

    But my boyfriend loves that im a gamer, and that ill sit down with him and play ps3 and such.

  11. Dude Says:

    I don’t know what it is about video game stores, but the employees at every one I go to are jerks.
    I suspect that the reason they question women on their purchases is that women do more returns, which the store wants to avoid. They can be pretty clueless and insensitive when it comes to realizing that a girl actually understands video games.
    I don’t know if I could date a girl that wasn’t interested in video games.

  12. SecondaryMotion Says:

    As a male working in the video game industry, i don`t tend to have much time to actually PLAY games. However i`ve recently managed to play on XBox Live a little more and almost immediately lost the will to live.

    A player with a gamertag that suggested they were a female joined the lobby and almost immediately there was an abrupt pause in the (already depressing) conversation – akin to when the saloon doors burst open and the guy playing the piano stops – before a string of stereotypical and unfounded assumptions were nicely combined with being outright rude. this lasted about 30 seconds before someone asked if he could friend request the potential female.

    i recommend liberal use of the “mute” function.
    if anyone fancies gaming for FUN, by all means check out:

  13. Zee Says:

    I went to a gamestop once with my bf and had a rather positive experience – my bf and I have pretty similar tastes in games (most of the time, he does tease me for my love of pokemon =3) but we were browsing the 360 section for something multiplayer so we could play together once in a while. We often tease each other about games (like I’d hold up my little pony adventures and say ‘this would be right up your alley!’). That said, he held up a Hannah Montana the Movie game and said “Hey this would be great for us!” and I said, “I will eviscerate you if you buy that game.” One of the employees was standing next to me and commented “He’d probably deserve it too!” It was silly.

  14. Myrra Says:

    Game design major high-five! Where at?

  15. aetra967 Says:

    I used to work at EB Games and GAME (both in Australia) and the number of customers that would ask me to get a male salesperson was astounding, especially at EB. Most of the questions would be about World of Warcraft and the guy I usually worked with didn’t play while I had 3 level 70’s which was the level cap at the time. The customer would come in, ask to speak to a male, I’d get him cos I was sick of arguing with the customers, they’d ask my co-worker the question then he’d ask me cos he honestly didn’t know. The customer would usually apologise to me and be on their way but every now and again they’d say something to my male co-worker like “it’s ok if you don’t know, I’ll just go to another store” and walk out. We’d then call the other stores and tell them about the guy and when he went to ask them they’d say “Let me just call the sales girl at our other store, she knows more about this than me” =P

  16. stickmanltd Says:

    As a gamer who doesn’t have an irrational fear/hatred/dislike of women, I have to say that that kind of attitude PISSES ME THE (*&% OFF. I’ve seen it come from employees and customers at game stores. Every time I see it happen it makes me wanna just smack the patronizing little pricks.

    And these are the same guys who will whine and complain about the fact that they can’t get a girlfriend because they’re a ‘nice guy’ and girls just want a ‘bad boy’.

    I’ve also encountered similar experiences in the RPG stores I’ve been to recently. Whenever I go by myself, I tend to get average service. When I go with a group of girls, suddenly we find ourselves completely ignored and/or treated like crap. Which confuses the hell out of me, honestly. Maybe its just because I surround myself with people who don’t have an irrational fear/hatred/dislike of women, but my RPG gaming groups have all been pretty even in terms of male/female ratio. And, out of my Wednesday gaming group where I’m the only male in the group, I’m usually the first one to take one look at the dice sets in the store and say< "Ooooooh… preeeeetttyyyyy…" 😛

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