The stay-at-home cure


For years, I had moderate gastro-intestinal trouble (which I later found out was celiac disease). I went to one GI doctor who told me that because I’m an attorney, I must be really stressed out, and that’s probably causing my GI problems. But if I would quit my job and stay home with my kids, then the problems would surely go away. Oh of course, #MFIF.


4 Responses to “The stay-at-home cure”

  1. Deirdre Says:

    As a career woman who’s celiac, I can relate. Fortunately, no one ever said that to me.

  2. Ms Mel Harmon Says:

    Oh, sure, because raising kids is SO stress-free! What an idiot!

  3. M Says:

    Especially since all he would have to do is order a simple blood test, at least as the first step, before deciding on the necessity of other tests. I know so many people with all kinds of stomach/intestinal issues: ulcers, nerve damage, Crohn’s, celiac… All of them were told at first that it must be stress or anxiety. Your additional experience with blatant sexism just makes it even more frustrating.

  4. Brian Vonder Says:

    I agree that being an attorney must be a stressful job and that GI problems can be related to stress.

    How are kids less stressful though?

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