Our first #HFSF


I’m not female, but I have an MFIF story. My father used to run a financial services firm (before it tanked during the crisis). There were a handful of women working at the firm (although there was a pretty clear glass ceiling, with the most advanced women never quite making partner).

One of the women, a 35 year-old mother of two, would generally wear women’s suits: pencil skirt, black heels, a jacket and blouse. One day, I overheard my dad bragging to a friend about how he had approached her about her attire. “I finally told her that she needed to get some sexier clothes, and that she needed to stop looking like an old maid. I told her that she should have XXXX [my dad’s wife] take her shopping for some better clothes.”

The worst part was how righteous he sounded when recounting the story, like he had done the world (and her) a favor. #HFSF

6 Responses to “Our first #HFSF”

  1. Sabine Engelhardt Says:

    Didn’t you tell your father that he should wear sexier clothes, too? Or that you need his help to buy sexier clothes for yourself? 😉

    Greets, Sabine

  2. Slackermagee Says:

    Isn’t there some sort of agency people can go to about this kind of thing?

  3. Muk Says:

    Slackermagee> (and maybe the moderators?)> there are a few places in the US a woman can go if she is discriminated against in the workplace. The US Department of Justice has a Civil Rights Division, the Department of Labor has a Women’s Bureau (although it isn’t an enforcement agency), and there is the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, you can contact your Member of Congress or a private attorney. (It is a bit of a complicated maze, as we have more than one different law to protect women in the workplace, most notably the Equal Pay Act and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.)
    Finally, there is a thing called the WAGE Project which collects stories about gender discrimination which they present to Congress and other entities from time to time to push for equal pay for women. Although the WAGE Project is just one of several wonderful women’s equality groups around the US.

  4. Brittany-Ann Says:

    Muk, and Moderators, at the risk of sounding disrespectful, I must point out that this website is likely read by women all over the world. Putting resources in the link section is a great idea–but the internet is not the US–and the links should not be US-centric. Finding links for women worldwide is a large task–perhaps a post could be put up asking for these links, and added to the sidebar as they’re found.

  5. John Says:

    Who said that an independent woman, taking care of her two kids and keeping up professionally in a world so biased against her life situation isn’t already sexy enough?

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