One princess taking no shit


I was wearing a “self-rescuing princess” shirt to brunch a few weeks ago. It’s funny if you know me, because I’ve been studying a variety of martial arts for many years.

Some creepy old guy came up to me, leering, “Does that mean you kiss yourself, too?”

The only thing that came to mind to say at a moment like that was to steal a line from Woody Harrelson in Zombieland: “You wanna feel how hard I punch?”


Muk, District of Columbia, USA


6 Responses to “One princess taking no shit”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Martial arts + Zombieland! You rock. ^_^

  2. Geeky Sweetheart Says:

    I’ve got that shirt! ❤ ❤ !! rock and roll!

  3. Chelsea Says:

    I thought of Mario and Zelda when I read about your T-Shirt slogan, which would be awesome.

    And ‘kiss yourself’? That’s not even possible. Creep-fail.

  4. InsaneArtGurl Says:

    Don’t these guys realize how creepy they sound when they say things like that???

  5. Brian Vonder Says:

    That’s a brilliant shirt.

  6. BranchMonster Says:

    I hope he said “yes.”

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