Independent = Lesbian no.64473


I was out with friends one night in a really random club, having a really good time when a guy grabs my bum. I turned round and, in the politest terms I could muster, told him to go away to which he replied ‘are you a lesbian?’ Ah, so the only reason I could have rejected his advances is because I’m lesbian! #MFIF


5 Responses to “Independent = Lesbian no.64473”

  1. magdalen Says:

    this one’s a classic, definitely. i can’t count the number of times i’ve heard it. “sure, it’s not because you’re a disgusting jerk who will never get laid by anyone besides his right hand—it’s because i’m a dyke. that must be it!”

  2. magdalen Says:

    note: “dyke” not meant to offend. i have spent a lot of my life immersed in family and friends who are gay/lesbian and refer to each other and selves as “fruits” and “dykes.”

  3. Khraden Says:

    I really don’t understand how guys expect to get any respect or decent response from doing crap like that. I’m sure there are some women who might enjoy such interaction, but I really don’t think that it is appropriate or the norm. I never did anything like that back when I was dating. I mean, would you just randomly go up to somebody while walking down the street, grab their butt, and expect them to not talk back?

  4. Werewolf Within Says:

    “Oh yeah, sure I’m a lesbian, that’s why I’m not interested in you. Couldn’t possibly be because you’re an asshole.”

  5. Dude Says:

    On one hand, I want to say ‘what sort of behavior do you expect in a bar. On the other hand, it’s really sad that a woman can’t enjoy herself in a bar without suffering this sort of behavior.

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