Hurled abuse


I slapped the hood of a car as it almost drove over my toes coming out of a gas station. I did it to remind the driver that there are pedestrians here! It was late and cold, so I was bundled up, with a hood over my head. The driver sized me up by my (short) height quickly and hollered at me “Fat old bitch!”

That driving knew what words to hurl. They all know which words to hurl. It’s like it’s part of the culture!



6 Responses to “Hurled abuse”

  1. Susanne Says:

    Nah, they do not. Just show me a woman who does not want to loose weight.

    • TC Says:

      *raises her hand* I don’t. I’m right where I should be for my height and build.

    • Evans Says:

      I don’t. Never been on a diet either.

    • PK Says:

      Of course they do. You just proved it Suzanne.
      Would women give a rat’s ass about losing weight if “fat” weren’t one of the most hurtful things that can be said in our culture – particularly since “fat” often means anything heavier than a runway model?
      Would botox and plastic surgery rule if “old” wasn’t an insult?

  2. The Heff Says:

    To be fair, I suspect he would have hurled abused at a man as well.

  3. LS Says:

    That’s not sexism, it’s just being an asshole.

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