Can anyone work this guy out?


A few years back I was heading up the creative department at a small Internet marketing company. We shared the office with the CEO of our biggest client, who was my boss’ brother. Everyone in the office shared tidying-up, whether they were male or female. I was the highest-ranking woman in the office.

One day, said client came downstairs to me loading the dishwasher with coffee mugs and said happily, “oh, finally they have you doing some real woman’s work!” I was so shocked that I said nothing, and, after all, it’s #MFIF


One Response to “Can anyone work this guy out?”

  1. Maree Tuinier Says:

    Some years ago my husband and i went looking to upgrade our car.
    We found a car in a yard we both liked and after a test drive went into the sale persons office to discuss figures.
    The male sale person then proceeded to completely cut me out of the conversation and even went as far as to write the figure he was willing to give as a trade on our old car on a piece of paper which he then folded and slipped to my husband, i was so shocked i didn’t know what to say. Had to smile at his face when my husband passed the note to me though and asked what i thought.

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