A real education


When I was in college I worked at a coffee shop and one night as I was closing an older gentleman came in (he was probably in his 70s) and starting chatting with me. I told him I was a college student and he said “Oh good. It’s nice to go to college so you can meet a nice man and settle down.” I was around 19 at the time and thought I was going to college to get an education and a career, but that’s #MFIF.

CK, Illinois, USA


6 Responses to “A real education”

  1. americansun Says:

    Things Republicans Hate: Jeopardy!


  2. peacefulflowers Says:

    Well unfortunately 50 years ago, to say the least, women were nowhere near what we are now. Some people tend to have the same conception as they did when they were younger. This man is one of them.
    Now we have a choice and we can go get the education we need. However, if we are alone and we came across a nice person, there’s no need to avoid meeting him :P.

    • Khraden Says:

      I agree, when you mentioned his age, I could almost finish the story for you. It’s a difference in generations, and the original “traditional” view of women. Obviously not the case anymore, but mindsets, especially at his age, don’t really get reset each generation.

  3. Dude Says:

    I have a question for any women that fell like voicing their opinion. I realize that some forms of sexism, such as bigoted families and the glass ceiling are infuriating.
    But when you encounter the sort of oblivious, ‘innocent’ sexism like old men misunderstanding you, does it insult you or do you find it comical?

    • Alibelle Says:

      It’s still pretty insulting because it’s just another annoying fucking asshole to deal with. A lot of sexism is just the same insulting views again and again and again and you can never change anyone’s mind but you feel like you have to speak up. It’s never fucking ending, so even if I know that their views don’t matter because they’re not in power and they aren’t violent it still makes me feel like I’m about to vomit all my pent up rage.

      It’s kind of comical because you know they’re going to die soon though…

  4. Meghan Says:

    Why of course, you’re a woman so you obviously go to college to get your MRS degree.

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