What’s in a name #2


The day after my wedding we took all of our wedding guests to a big chuckwagon supper and show (American thing). They have an audience of 500 or so.

The performer welcomed our party and then asked my husband his first name, then me mine, then my husband his last time, then me mine. Everyone laughed at me. Charming. I was baffled.

He said, “Didn’t your last name just change?” I shook my head — nope, I kept my last name. Glad all 500 people got a good laugh at me out of it though. Guess it’s #MFIF.

Audrey, USA


5 Responses to “What’s in a name #2”

  1. Dude Says:

    I think at my school all the female profs keep their maiden name when married (“maiden name”… is that even politically correct?). Anyways, the idea is that you spend a lifetime building up publications with your last name on them, so changing your last name is basically career suicide.

  2. Zee Says:

    It must be a midwest or southern thing, because I’m from the NW coast and I’ve never heard of a chuckwagon supper and show and I’ve lived in the US my whole life. =3
    Lots of people keep their names though. I will on the off chance that I ever get married.

  3. BranchMonster Says:

    That was your opportunity to thank them all for treating you and your husband to this dinner and entertainment.

  4. hk Says:

    my friend just married and chose to take her husband’s last name, in addition to keeping her last name (first name, middle name, her last name, husband’s name) but left her ceremony as (first name, middle name, husband’s last name) because of the mountains of paperwork it takes for a woman to keep her name after marriage. i respect her decision totally, because as many married folks know, who wants to do paperwork when you’re newly married? but, when i have the fortune to marry, i will be keeping my last name. it was the first gift i was given other than my life, and no matter who i marry, their last name will never fit me as well as mine does.

  5. atozinco Says:

    I’m glad that your last name didn’t change.

    Where I live (New Zealand) it is very uncommon for a woman to keep her last name on marriage – my mother didn’t; she’s still happily married 25 years later but she now regrets not keeping her name.

    My Mum, thinking that times have changes, asked me yesterday, “Won’t most of your friends keep their surnames when they married?”
    I told her, “No! I don’t think any of them will.” I am 23, and so far all my married friends and cousins haven’t considered keeping their surname. I’d have no problem with their decision if they had actually thought about it – what frustrates me is that they all assumed that their surname ‘must’ change on marriage.

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