Woman + computer = ?


I went to see a recruitment consultant about an admin/tech related job in London. When I got there, he told me the role had actually now been filled, but asked what other roles would I be interested in. I told him I would ideally like to get back into field of IT, to which he replied:

“IT?! OH! Usually girls are only interested in Admin roles! Do you mean Administration within IT?”

It’s obviously #MFIF.



2 Responses to “Woman + computer = ?”

  1. JC Says:

    I work in Software Small Business Development and my boss actually wrote a massive document to his boss stating I was too young and female to do my job so I hear you on women in IT

  2. Dude Says:

    Hey, at least they asked instead of just assuming and assigning you to a more ‘feminine’ job. If girls are usually only interested in admin jobs at that company, then it really doesn’t hurt to request clarification.

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