The horror, the horror


I worked at a horror house where we dress up like zombies. My particular character was a zombie bride. One night, after scaring a group, I leaned down to fix a prop that had fallen. Out of nowhere, I feel a giant grab on my chest and stand up as quickly as able to see some fat hairy motorcycle man running down the haunted house away from me. Later, after security had finally found the man, his excuse was “Well the dress was low cut and she jumped in front of me! She was clearly looking for the attention”. Oh, sorry, as a zombie working in a haunted house attraction trying to give customers the biggest scare for their buck, obviously it’s #MFIF

Katharine, USA


5 Responses to “The horror, the horror”

  1. teleen Says:

    Disgusting. It’s too bad he wasn’t arrested for assault.

  2. Charlotte Says:

    I would’ve punched him and then when he complained said, “Well, when you crept from nowhere and sexually assaulted me, your face was obviously looking for attention!”. Jerk.

  3. Dude Says:

    So the security team had him. Was he charged?

  4. Miss Ann Thropy Says:

    I had very similar experiences when I worked in a haunted attraction a few years ago. When I wore the female vampire costume (long black wig, clingy red lace dress etc) I was pinched and groped on a nightly basis.
    I decided the switch to the male costume of a tail coat and blood-stained shirt, and wear my naturally short hair; and instead of being groped, I was PUNCHED!

    I actually preferred the punching, because at least it was a fear-based reflex rather than some asshole getting a cheap thrill.

  5. Zee Says:

    Maybe he had a zombie fetish!

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