I was working at an electronics store and had been there for about a year, doing fairly well. When I first started working there the manager was a woman but a few months in she was fired and replaced by an older man. In the two years I worked there, there was one other woman hired – a young girl who was not scheduled with me, ever, except for a short amount of overlap here and there.

One day I mentioned a few things about her performance/learning curve that I had noticed to the manager, and was told that I was jealous, and mean, and that I was not allowed to talk to the girl or mention anything about her to anyone in the store again. Also he had apparently been warned by the district manager that it was probably a bad idea to hire another female employee, because two “females” (grrr I HATE that, when do men ever refer to themselves as “males”?) working together caused problems and cat fights.

Sorry! I can apparently only do my job surrounded by sexism! #MFIF, I guess.



10 Responses to “Catfight”

  1. Siobhan Says:

    I totally get your annoyance when men refer to women as “females”. It sounds like their narrating a nature documentary and talking about animals in the wild.

  2. GMAB Says:

    Who empowered you to comment on a co-workers performance? How petty. For shame.

    • X Says:

      If a coworker is doing something wrong or unethical she SHOULD bring it up, especially if it interferes with business– otherwise she isn’t doing her job. Let’s not play blame the victim when we don’t have all the details. I mean really! You must be a man

      • Matt G. Says:

        I agreed with your comment entirely until I got to your last sentence. That was sexist of you.

    • K Says:

      Why can’t she mention something to management about something noticeable?

  3. Sarah Says:

    It’s because they can’t pronounce “wimmin”.

  4. kly Says:

    This is appalling. Presumably there are all kinds of men in the shop, and we’re supposed to believe that they can get along without fighting (though that’s been far from my observation). And presumably also the things you were reporting on were documentable, i.e. things anyone would notice who was bothering to pay attention to her performance. But because you’re “female” obviously you’re just jealous and trying to cause trouble.

  5. Charlotte Says:

    I HATE this idea that women must always be pitted up against each other in competition or something, that we can never truly be friends because we’re constantly comparing and judging each other on a superficial basis, also, in competition to ‘steal a man’ or something. Such tripe! And if we make constructive criticism, we’re automatically jealous bitches. Oh, but the ‘males’, never jealous, it’s called being assertive and showing initiative.

  6. Evan Says:

    See, this is another case of ‘everyone is wrong, but somebody is super wrong’. Generally I think it’s poor etiquette to ever comment to a manager about a co-workers ability unless directly asked. It’s simply not my place to ever make statements that could mess up somebodies life, especially if I only rarely work with them.

    So, that’s wrong. But then there’s the manager. That’s SUPER WRONG. Dude should be fired for that. I wish there was an easier/less devastating-for-all-parties way to go after sex harrasment cases like that.

  7. Zee Says:

    I call them males, you could try that. Get worked up over the c word or the b word. Don’t get worked up over a real gender word.

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