Foul behaviour


So like any football fan I was very excited with the start of the World Cup. Unfortunately it turned out that for one of the opening group matches with England in, I was working. I was annoyed that I was going to miss the match but figured we should be able to turn the radio on at work or something. About ten minutes before the start of the match, I had this discussion with my boss:

ME: Do you think we would be able to turn the radio on to listen to the football now? (I had already raised the issue earlier in the day)

BOSS: Yeah, that’s a good idea, I quite fancy seeing the match myself. In fact…

He then proceeds to call over my male co-worker who is completely uninterested in sports.

BOSS: Hey *name of co-worker*, why don’t we just go down the pub to watch the match and i’ll get a few pints in?

CO-WORKER: Uh, ok. That would be cool.

BOSS: OK then *my name*! You stay here and look after business.

ME: Uh, what? OK…

He and my co-worker then left to enjoy the game down the pub. WTF. I was ridiculously annoyed. My boss still doesn’t know I streamed the game off his computer.

But I guess it’s just #MFIF right?



6 Responses to “Foul behaviour”

  1. The Heff Says:

    Well don’t say “OK” then. Also – whay kind of work is this where you can just go down then pub? Are you hiring?

  2. Paula Says:

    WOW…I would have told him “Um…no.”

    course once I had the schedule for my team’s matches I arranged to have someone work for me so I wouldn’t have to miss any matches.

  3. Kris Says:

    That’s just ridiculous. :/ As a fellow female football fan (haha, alliteration), I can understand your frustration. I would be so pissed if that happened to me. Is there someone you can report your boss to?

  4. Dude Says:

    I guess that pass…
    …was over his head.

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