Pass it on


A female MP I know ran into some difficulties when applying for a parliamentary pass for her spouse.

The relevant official looked her up and down before simpering patronisingly, “You must be so excited. Has your husband just become an MP?”

Just 21.5 per cent of MPs in the UK Parliament are women.

It must be #MFIF…

Sedm, London


5 Responses to “Pass it on”

  1. teleen Says:

    Deep. Hurting.

  2. The Heff Says:

    Could the official not read? Why would a wife go and apply for a pass for their husband if he’s already an MP?

  3. Finarfine Says:

    Only 17,7% of French MPS are female…

  4. parse Says:

    She’s a member of Parliament; couldn’t her husband find the time to apply for his own pass?

  5. Kris Says:

    Wow. That really stings. What a dumb official. Those kind of remarks are not okay.

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