I have a broken arm at the moment, quite frustrating when my career relies on my ability to arrange words in the right order, but at the same time the amount of support offered by friends, family, and often complete strangers has been brilliant.

Except for a small proportion of the complete strangers, almost exclusively those who are male and over 50; they like to make domestic violence jokes.

“You want to get yourself a better boyfriend next time, Luv”. He nudges me in the ribs as we wait to get off the train.

Fucking hilarious.


Hannah, Loughborough


13 Responses to “Lovely”

  1. Mel Says:

    My response to that would be that I didn’t break my arm when my boyfriend hit me, that I broke it when I hit him! Perhaps that might shut up those idiotic men who think domestic violence is a joke.

    • lawl Says:

      Probably not. That’s a good one. XD

    • Hannah Says:

      that still is technically a DV joke, though.

      What I said to one of the more recent, nastier, ones:

      Man 1 wolf whistles at me
      Man 2 “eh, you want to be careful, she’s got a broken arm, she’s obviously taken care of”
      Me: “that’s nice, do you do rape jokes as well?”
      Man 2: “I wouldn’t rape you if you asked me to, luv”
      Me: “I think you may have fundamentally misunderstood the concept of rape, there, mate”

      I’m not usually very good at comebacks, but that one felt good.

  2. teleen Says:

    Wow. Just. Wow. My faith in humanity is dying a bit at the moment.

  3. Ivar Einarsson Says:

    Blimey, never realised how closed-minded I must be. I make jokes about this all the time… Never realised it was sexist. 😐

  4. Dr. Psycho Says:

    Jesus W. Christ, Junior. That’s horrible.

    And what happens when some guy makes this “joke” to an actual survivor of domestic violence?

  5. The Heff Says:

    Well you should say to them “excuse me, that’s a very rude thing to say and not at all funny”.

    • Kerry Says:

      If only you were there Heff – you seem to know EXACTLY what women should do in these situations.

  6. Cerebral Magpie Says:

    Black eyes. It’s always with black eyes. No matter that I got them doing dancing (partners who are all elbows) or martial arts.

    I went to work one day with a lovely shiner from a non-descript accident (all my friends were laughing about it) but customers gave me very serious/pitying looks and/or comments about “there’s help if you need it”. They wouldn’t believe me!

    • teleen Says:

      A male facebook friend was *just* talking about taking a female friend to the hospital and the doctors and nurses there not believing them when they told them that a) she really did fall and hit her face on the pavement and b) he was neither her boyfriend (he’s gay) nor her abuser. He pointed out that no one ever accuses him of battery when he takes *male* friends to the hospital, even though gay men can be abused by their partners just as easily as women can…

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