Boxing stupid


I’ve been working for four weeks at my neighbor’s business, helping him organize during his partner split. Today one of his executives asked me what I was doing with the six boxes of files on my desk, and if I was bringing them to the basement, because if I was he would carry them for me. I told him I was just carrying them to the other side of the room to mix them with other boxes. He responded, “I really don’t think you can carry those, let me know when you do that and I’ll help.” Each box is about ten pounds; and I’m a collegiate athlete. Suddenly I was incompetent at a job I had been doing for weeks. I got annoyed and said “That’s ok, believe me I can handle it” to which I got sighs and eye rolls. Oh and to top it off, when I later handed him four (albeit larger files) he shook his head and told me “You know, these are really heavy.” I guess I should have known. #MFIF

C.H, New York


3 Responses to “Boxing stupid”

  1. sitakali Says:

    Yup. They were heavy for HIM.

  2. Charlotte Says:

    Not necessarily to defend him but is there any chance you could just be one of those ‘stronger than you look’ people? I used to look like my arms would snap off if I even thought about heavy lifting but I was reasonably strong. As you said athlete then I guess this probably isn’t the case though..

  3. Dude Says:


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