A keen knitter, I popped with my boyfriend to a yarn shop in Weston-Super-Mare to stock up. Having selected some yarn, I took it to the counter, took out MY debit card, with MY name on it, typed MY pin into the machine and paid. Ignoring me, the old man serving turned to my partner and said jovially:

“Spending your money again, is she?”

Boyfriend looked flabbergasted. I answered icily:

“Erm no, my own money, that I earn, doing my job.”

He ignored me again, turned to partner and said:

“Oh well, that makes a change, doesn’t it?”

Yes, it’s true, I admit it. I’m a gold-digger intent on using boyfriend’s moderate salary to fulfill all my wooly desires. May god have mercy on my soul. #MFIF



13 Responses to “Wooldigga”

  1. Kirsten Says:

    Please tell me you refused to make the purchase!

  2. Rufus Says:

    Had I been the boyfriend, I’d have let him have it (verbally speaking)…

  3. Mary-Sue Says:

    Wow, I would have immediately demanded a refund. What a snot!

  4. CH Says:

    This is awful, but the last comment was so well written and it made me laugh so hard. Well Done Lisa.

  5. annabel Says:

    LOL wooly desires. That’s just excellent. But seriously, I would have threatened to sue him

  6. Poes Says:

    Really hate it when that happens. I had the same problem last Saturday when I was buying a new computer. The shop assistant constantly spoke to my boyfriend in stead of me. But I actually interrupted him and kindly asked him to speak to the one that was spending the money. Should’ve seen his face …

    • ally Says:

      I had a similar experience recently when I was trying to purchase a washer & dryer. I asked all the questions and handed the salesperson the credit card with my name on it, yet he insisted on looking at/speaking to my boyfriend. Very, very annoying!

      • Brie B. Says:

        You’d think the salesperson would talk to you — after all, you’re the one who’s meant to be washing the clothes, amirite?

    • Craig Says:

      The same thing happened to my girlfriend and I when we went to buy her a laptop. I’m the computer-savvy one and explained to her which one would be best but, when we came to pay, the salesman kept explaining all the options to me right up until the point when I told him I wasn’t the one buying it and he should address his pitch to my partner.

      Should have seen his face. He can’t have been more than 18. Teehee

  7. EK Says:

    *highfives a fellow self-funded knitter*
    I’ve never had someone so straightforwardly accuse me of spending my S.O.’s cash on wool, but I certainly wouldn’t go back if they did. Plenty of us are supporting our own fiber arts, thankyouverymuch! =D

  8. Riikka Says:

    I know this happens a lot (even if I have been lucky enough not to encounter situations like this), but I’m really surprised you had this experience in a yarn store. I would expect a salesperson in a yarn store to be used to have women as customers!

    As said, I fortunately have not had any experiences like this, but my good friend comes across this all the time when she is buying screws or tools for her handygrafting. She tells me she is sick of the salespersons to talk over her head to her boyfriend who, as it happens, doesn’t even own a toolbox. Propably needless to say that my crafty friend owns several…

    • Lisa Says:

      I know, and he was running it with his wife too, who stood at the back of the shop never speaking a word. He was in his 70s: I think the modern world had just passed him by in his little shop, and he had no idea that the world outside the yarn shop door didn’t exist in a fifties time warp.

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