We all know what happens in London…


I was moving from one part of England down to London to start up the London branch (of an organisation committed to gender equality). One day, my boss said to me that he was worried that I would move to London, and then “there would be men, and then babies,” inferring that I’d therefore be a less valuable worker. I told him that he never would have said that to a man.


BK, London


10 Responses to “We all know what happens in London…”

  1. Linni Says:

    no, you inferred it, not him. You don’t know that he intended to imply this – how can the recipient of the comment ever really know what is in the thoughts of the speaker?

  2. Lauren Says:

    I am pretty sure that the whole men and babies thing does imply a worry that she will have her focus divided and be less valuable on the job.

  3. kly Says:

    She inferred, but he clearly implied; what on earth could “there will be men, and then babies” mean if not ” you’re going to meet some guy and get knocked up”? And she’s right, he would never have said that to a man.

  4. cjcur Says:

    he probably wouldn’t say it to a man because when men meet other men it is more difficult to have it result in babies.

  5. Maenad Says:

    Gender equality: YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG

  6. internetbadass Says:

    …presumably because men can’t get knocked up.

    • Slackermagee Says:

      Well, for the sake of furthering gender equality and science simultaneously, I think I’ll keep that for my doctorate work.

  7. CH Says:

    Then we’ll change the comment. “your going to meet a woman, and have babies together.” I would agree that it was implied that she would be less productive, why else would he WORRY about her meeting someone and having children?

  8. Claire Says:

    He’s flirting with tribunals with those comments. Tell him to read the sex discrimination act 1975 next time.

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