Unladylike behaviour


I was rushing to a lunch meeting in a suit the other day and I passed a group of four or five men. They laughed at me and one of them said ‘ooh, she’s so busy!’ so they all watched me go past. Yes, I am a busy woman with a job, what’s so funny? I can’t imagine men mocking a soberly dressed businessMAN hurrying by.

by Serious


9 Responses to “Unladylike behaviour”

  1. teleen Says:

    Eh, I’ve seen men mock other men for how they’re dressed. Sometimes people are just jerks… Of course, I wasn’t there, so if they were also commenting on your legs or saying something like you were too busy for a real man, well, fair cop. But if *all* they said was ‘she looks busy’, well – they might just have been jerks, not necessarily sexist jerks. JMHO.

    Also, perhaps this particular jerk wanted to have all of his friends see how beautiful you are. I’m not saying that it’s a cool thing to do, but it is a very male thing to do.

  2. EmilyBites Says:

    Er, thanks for that wise pronouncement, teleen. Maybe a woman on the street would like to be left the hell alone whether some man thinks she’s attractive or not? JMHO.

  3. teleen Says:

    I prefer to be left alone as well, but I do think that more was made of this than needed to be. JMHO…

    And a statement beginning with an “Eh,” is hardly a pronouncement, nor did I claim to be at all wise. I was however, courteous and not sarcastic in the way that you were.

    You were rude in your response to me and that was uncalled for. That’s my pronouncement.

    • Jaya Says:

      “You were rude in your response to me and that was uncalled for” – oh well now Teleen I think you’ve made more of this than needed to be.

      “People are jerks” right? Oh oracle of truth *rolls eyes*.

      • teleen Says:

        @Jaya – Considering that in the other response you left to a comment of mine completely ignored what I said and in fact inferred that I said the opposite of what I said, I feel no guilt whatsoever in disregarding anything further that you have to say…

  4. Delilah Wills Says:

    I love this site but I can’t figure out why people need to put their opinions on each post – like this isn’t sexism bla bla and that’s my opinion.If this woman felt the behaviour was sexist it was. It’s as simple as that. I’m surprised women are jumping on here and saying – I don’t think you felt what you felt. Or you made too much of it or men are just jerks but it isn’t sexist etc. Your experience was your experience alone. I think it’s sad that women are coming to this blog and saying -in their opinion- your experience isn’t how you saw it. We should have solidarity. We should support women who feel like they have been discirminated against. Not tell them how they should have interpreted an event. I find the comment “perhaps this particular jerk wanted to have all of his friends see how beautiful you are.” particularly worrying.

    • LS Says:

      Sexism is not in the eye of the beholder. it’s easy for anyone (in any group which faces prejudice) to see prejudices where there are none. It’s important for us to support each other both by giving our emotional support to those who face sexist behavior, and by pointing out overreactions when we feel they may have occurred. That we should simply nod our heads and agree with every story we’re told about prejudice, simply because we’re from the same group as the story teller, all we do is create an adversarial environment with people outside of our group.

      Then again, I’m just a dude.

    • The Heff Says:

      I totally agree that we need solidarity against discriminatory behaviour. There are some prime examples of the crap women have to put up with.

      However sometimes people act like arseholes not because they’re looking to put women in their place but because they are arseholes.

  5. EmilyBites Says:

    You’re absolutely right, Delilah. Why the hell knobheads on this great site are constantly assessing each woman’s anecdote to decide whether their penis agrees there was sexism totally baffles me.

    And the last bit about ‘how beautiful you are’ is indeed downright creepy.

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