One for the birds


At an evening work do my (male) boss and I were speaking to a number of new (male) colleagues from the company which had recently been merged with ours. My boss went on to introduce the men to a few of our senior (female) managers. When the women had left, he turned to the men saying, “So what do you think, are our birds hotter than yours?”, and then to me, “…ooh sorry, I didn’t see you were still here…” #MFIF

Eve, London


9 Responses to “One for the birds”

  1. technogran Says:


  2. Dave Says:

    This happens with both sexes.. This is normal human behavior.

    • Jake Says:

      I have never been in a conversation where anything like this has come close to happening, because that’s just gross.

      • Jaya Says:

        Bullshit Dave. That is not ‘normal’ behaviour. You are not ‘normal’ if you think that is acceptable.

  3. Charlotte Says:

    So it may be so ingrained in our casual-talk language, but I’m sick of women being referred to as animals. ‘Birds’, ‘Chicks’, ‘Cows’ – ultimately it’s de-humanising the female sex. Call us women, or better still, our names.

    • Kris Says:

      Absolutely agreed. I guess it goes back to that “women and livestock” idea of property. I find ‘bird’ particularly offensive from the cultural context… at least where I live, it refers to old, unattractive, prudish women. Very classy.

  4. The Heff Says:

    At least he apologised.

  5. Eve Says:

    It was less an apology than an embarrassed attempt to laugh the whole thing off.

    Funnily enough the other two men didn’t find it that funny either. Perhaps not normal human behaviour after all.

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