One angry ‘slag’


I used to work for some sexist creeps in the music industry. One of my boss’s favourite office ‘games’ was to work out whether female artists were ‘lesbian or slag’, because of course they couldn’t be anything else, right? They also cut a domestic violence story out of a newspaper and stuck it to the wall because they thought it was ‘funny’. My boss informed me once or twice that in his opinion I was ‘fit’.

When I brought a serious grievance against them (for something else), they hacked into my email and found to their horror that I had not been living like a nun since I’d started work for them. They emailed information about my personal life to my union rep and threatened to make a fuss about my ‘inappropriate behaviour’ unless I dropped the grievance. Their slut-shaming cost me not only justice but my job too, as I couldn’t stay after that. I guess it was just #MFIF.

Violet, Glasgow


6 Responses to “One angry ‘slag’”

  1. The Heff Says:

    This is very poor behaviour. I would suggest that people use their own personal account for chat and keep their work one on a more proffesional footing.

    • Violet Says:

      Poor behaviour from who? Me? If so, quit the victim-blaming. This is supposed to be a site where women can talk about their experiences of sexism without being judged.

      Who said it was my work account that they hacked into, anyway?

  2. Violet Says:

    Whether it was my work or personal account is actually not the point. The point is that they used information about my personal life to try and shame me into dropping a grievance against them, a grievance I had every right to bring, and try to put my union rep off representing me. In other words, ‘If this goes to a tribunal no-one will believe you, because you are clearly a slag’. They would never have done that with a male employee.

  3. Jezebella Says:

    Aside from hacking into your personal email, they also happen to be BLACKMAILING you. Seriously you have the legal advantage.

    • Violet Says:

      That may be true, but this all happened a decade or so ago… so it’s long finished with (except that it still makes me angry).

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