MILILK – Mother in law I’d like to kill


I was staying over at my boyfriend’s parents’ house and his mother looks into his bedroom and sees an unmade bed, then turns to ME and says: “My mother always told me that women who do not make the bed in the morning make sloppy wives.” #MFIF


11 Responses to “MILILK – Mother in law I’d like to kill”

  1. annie Says:

    Oh no she didnt!

  2. Haute Elle Says:


  3. Kelly Says:

    That’s odd. Mine always said that men who do not make their bed in the morning make sloppy husbands.

  4. H Says:


    Reminds me of my landlord in third year. When he used to let himself in without warning and we’d find him wandering through our kitchen, he’d often comment on how it was a mess and that the girls ought to clear it up – we weren’t going to go tidying up after the filthy boys we lived with! That was just one of the many ways he was a sexist loser. I’m glad not to be living in his house anymore.

  5. Merely Academic Says:

    Answer: “really? My mother taught her sons to make their beds.” Though I suppose if you think this relationship may last awhile you have to try to get on with her.

  6. Tulpenpink Says:

    yeah, it’s always the woman’s fault, isn’t it…

  7. Jezebella Says:

    Tulpenpink: Strangely enough, men holds all the reins but when something goes wrong and trouble knocks, the reins are suddenly thrust into the women’s hands, and they acted as though the women were responsible right from the beginning. DUH.

  8. Ty Says:

    “So. . . what are you waiting for?”

    Of course I’d file that under “Snappy Responses I Wish Had Occurred to me At the Time.”

  9. Kris Says:

    Someone once told me that men who don’t make their own beds in the morning make lazy husbands.

    JK. I’ve never made my bed unless for some reason I had an expectation that someone else was going to see it. I mean, you’re just going to get back into it at the end of the day anyway. Sounds like a pointless exercise if there ever was one.

    • Dude Says:

      I think the point was to shock the MIL by suggesting that her son may not be perfect, and to show some backbone.

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