Halloween… every day


I have a picture of myself and 3 female coworkers with my boss on Halloween. I got this picture via email from my boss with the subject line “my bitches”. When I told my supervisor I thought it was inappropriate he said, “relax, that’s just how it is in this business”. One woman in the photo was “laid off” a few months later, one other quit a few months after that, and I was just recently “laid off”. The only one that still has a job, married the boss’s son. #MFIF

Miss Megan, USA


2 Responses to “Halloween… every day”

  1. Jaya Says:

    OMG!! That is so appalling. What a douchebag!

  2. Kris Says:

    If you still have the means, you should get a copy of that email and file a complaint. :/

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