Female vs lad


My close friend opened a group on facebook which is designed to make absurd jokes about anything. when I joined the group he came to me and said :”You cannot join the group because you are a woman”. Shocked, I enquired why is that? he explained that “blokes behave (and joke) differently in the company of a woman”, I said it is plain sexism after which he enlightened me: “There are women-only groups I cannot join, like LFN”. As a woman I spoil every bloke’s fun because it’s #MFIF

Ms M, London

10 Responses to “Female vs lad”

  1. siegfaihr Says:

    This is just ridiculous and the guy explained it well also. Double standards, what the hell?

  2. Stephen Says:

    It’s not sexist to say men behave differently around women. It would be sexist to say women aren’t funny.

  3. Sitakali Says:

    Stephen: What is sexist is excluding women from a group because – what – absurd jokes are only for men?! No, the only absurd jokes that men would be uncomfortable making are the ones they shouldn’t make in the first place, and they’re afraid women might call them out. It’s like not allowing black people in a group because they might be offended by the hil-AR-i-ous racist jokes.

  4. teleen Says:

    Report the page for discriminatory behavior.

  5. Jezebella Says:

    Sitakali: My guess is that the “absurd jokes” are in the restricted category, therefore they may be inappropriate for women.

  6. Jacq Says:

    I don’t actually see the problem with this. As a staunch defender of women-ony/black-only/gay-only spaces I don’t see why men shouldn’t have something – especially since it’s only a Facebook Group. It’s not like you are being denied access to facilities/services.

    • Brie B. Says:

      The difference is that spaces designed for the sole use of a non-privileged group are there as a respite from discrimination — and are often not actually segregated, so long as any members who do have the privilege in question shut up and try to learn — whereas groups restricted to only the privileged class are set up to *perpetuate* that discrimination. It’s why there’s an NAACP but not an NAAWP: because *everything else* is set up for the advancement of white people (I am white, BTW), anyway.

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