Motherly love


My mother: How long is it since you had a boyfriend?

Me: 6 months maybe?

My mother: Why do you think that is? Do you think maybe you’re not making enough of yourself? Or… darling… are you a lesbian?

Those are the two options. Single = depressed and therefore uncaring about appearance, or gay.


Sarah, Leeds


5 Responses to “Motherly love”

  1. The Heff Says:

    Your mum is sexist. She should be ashamed.

    • Jaya Says:

      Society is sexist. Why are you so completely paranoid about being called sexist? Like you think each and every one of these posts is about you and only you. These comments are about society and the ways society makes women feel less than. Women and Men can be sexist because SOCIETY is sexist. I do wonder if you have issues with the way you treat women and that’s why you feel everyone of these posts is somehow targetting you.

  2. CH Says:

    I think this is pretty common unfortunately. One of my friend’s didn’t have a boyfriend until she was 19 (and to stop any nasty comments, it was by choice she had a lot of things going on and had no interest in dating one guy), and her mother couldn’t decide if she was sleeping around or was a lesbian (of which she was neither). Her mom would give her massive boxes of condoms and then ask her friends if she was a lesbian.

    Its a shame that being single has such a stigma.

  3. Dude Says:

    Singlism is directed at both men and women. I think women have it worse, because people assume that a woman is nothing without a family, while a man at least has a career.

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