I was working at a hotel one summer. One evening I was polishing some cutlery alone when I felt a sharp pinch in both sides. Obviously I screamed out loud and turned around only to find my boss smirking at me. “What did you do that for?” I said. “Just wanted to see how you sounded in bed”. When I complained about his behaviour, I was told I couldn’t take a joke. #MFIF

RY, United Kingdom


10 Responses to “Humourless”

  1. My fault, I’m female « bicycleslut Says:

    […] Humourless […]

  2. Stephen Says:

    That’s not a funny joke.

  3. Sitakali Says:

    You did report him, right?

  4. Casey Says:

    How are bosses allowed to get away with this stuff? (you filed a complaint, right??)

  5. TheGoddessMaria Says:

    You had knives and you didn’t “accidentally slip”? Shame, that.

  6. SkyHawk Says:

    Idiots like these gives me no hope for our species.

  7. LR Says:

    I almost stabbed a coworker (with the ballpoint pen I was holding) who snuck up behind me and poked me in the ribs, your boss is lucky your reflexes aren’t terribly violent.

    Seriously though, the physical contact and sexual remark? Completely wrong.

  8. Matt G. Says:

    So… he makes women scream in pain when he’s in bed with them? Make a note of this.

  9. ixlikexcerealx3 Says:

    if i was told “i couldnt take a joke” after that happened, that when i would go to hr and if they didnt do anything, take matters into my own hands, that is so unacceptable at work.

  10. aetra967 Says:

    Had a classmate come up and pinch me like that in home-ec back in high school while I was at the stove. He’s lucky the water in the pot wasn’t quite at boiling point cos it ended up all over him. It was still hot enough to teach him a lesson though 😉

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